A soothing oasis in the heart of Tuscany, for good food lovers and nature enthusiasts.

Our oasis in Tuscany is located in the province of Arezzo, in the municipality of Loro Ciuffenna, from "Laurus" laurel and "Ciuffenna" the name of the nearby creek. Loro Ciuffenna is part of "The most beautiful villages in Italy".
It is located in the upper Valdarno, about 5 km as the crow flies from the right bank of the Arno.

The Balze del Valdarno, part of the ridges of the Pratomagno Massif, are the main feature of the area.

Millepini, where our farmhouse is located,hence its name, is a site once reclaimed due to the agrarian policies of fascism.

Indeed, part of the reclamation was the addition of stretches of pine trees, replaced today by thousands of olive groves. Nowadays, our land is mostly used for the cultivation of olive groves and giaggioli,commonly known as Iris Pallida, extremely important for our farmhouse for the production of our Organic Olive Oil and rhizomes for cosmetic and herbal companies.

Ancient Tuscan traditions passed on by local families only.