Tuscan Organic Olive Oil

For the Mannozzi - Basagni family, at the head of the farm, the short chain is not only a practical sustainable production but also an ideal lifestyle, connected to the rhythms of nature. During their stay at I Millepini, our guests will always have the opportunity to collect and taste the products grown in our fields, helped by our experienced farmers. Over the years, I Millepini farmhouse has also obtained the certification for the production of organic olive oil, thanks a cultivation based on organic and non-chemical fertilizers and the respect of the seasonality of the products.

Giaggiolo (Jade)

Giaggiolo, also known as Iris Pallida, along with olive trees, is the symbol of our farmhouse, being a flower cultivated in the Valdarno area. For centuries, its root (rhizome) has helped many Tuscan families survive. To this day, the rhizome is in great demand by the cosmetic industry, since it is at the basis of all perfumes. Rows of Giaggiolo colour our fields in lilac, something it will hopefully be passed on future generations and our guests can admire at every flowering at I MIllepini farmhouse.